Liberals Love Traitors: Questions After Haqqani’s Confessions

The hero of Pakistani liberals Hussain Haqqani recently confessed, in an article for WaPo, the role he played in facilitating CIA operatives in Pakistan by working with Obama admin. For years Haqqani’s critics have accused him of backstabbing Pakistan and undermining its interests. And for years Pakistani liberals have defended him as some sort of hero. There were columns and op-eds written in his defense and some people in Pakistani media even painted him as a peace dove. Yes, the guy who was helping CIA in Pakistan was dubbed a hero by Pakistani liberals. Imagine the hysteria in America if someone labels Putin a good guy who is just very misunderstood. Oh wait……(LOL)

Contrary to what Mr Haqqani says, he was actually promoting U.S. interests as well as Indian interests since Obama was extremely pro-India who helped align U.S. with Indian interests. If you were promoting U.S. interests in Pakistan during Obama admin, you were essentially promoting Indian interests. Obama admin was the worst U.S. administration for Pakistan in several decades. Take out the coverage of Hussain Haqqani by some Pakistani media outlets like Dawn and you will be shocked. Turns out ‘investing‘ in Pakistani media did work for Obama admin. But now we have a confession in the form of an article by Haqqani himself. While Haqqani may have his own reasons for confessing, at this time, to what his critics have accused him of for a long time, his article has raised several questions. This case is more important than Panama Papers case, Ayyan Ali case and Dr Asim’s case COMBINED.

The following questions MUST be answered, and soon.

  1. Mr Haqqani says Pakistan’s civilian leaders were in the loop of what Mr Haqqani was doing and his activities were completely sanctioned by them. The ‘civilian leaders’ here is really just one ‘leader’: Mr Asif Ali Zardari, the former President of Pakistan. As a President Mr Zardari kept all power with himself and the Prime Minister at that time had little authority of his own. Mr Zardari, overall, was running the show. So, was Mr Zardari aware of this? According to Mr Haqqani, Mr Zardari was not only aware of this but may have played a leading role. Where is Mr Zardari’s explanation?
  2. Mr Haqqani says he helped CIA plant assets in Pakistan. This could not have happened without Pakistan’s military and spy agency knowing. General Kayani was the Chief of Pakistan Army at that time. Where is General Kayani’s explanation?
  3. The CIA assets planted in Pakistan (Dr Afridi was probably among those assets) helped played a crucial role in U.S. hunting down and killing Osama Bin Laden, according to Mr Haqqani. Was this the only job of those CIA assets or did they also pull off other ‘jobs’ that Pakistanis may not yet know of?
  4. How many more CIA assets are there in Pakistan right now who may be undermining Pakistan’s interests and directly working for Indian interests?
  5. Why is Pakistani spy agency ISI’s counter-intelligence not as good as it should be, considering all the foreign intelligence agencies that have been operating in Pakistan?
  6. Was Sharbat Gula recruited by CIA during President Zardari’s government? How many more Afghans like her have worked/are working against Pakistan while on CIA’s payroll?
  7. What was the real truth about Osama Bin Laden raid? Many say the raid could not have happened without Pakistan’s military/spy leadership knowing about it in advance and that is also my own assessment. And like I’ve mentioned above, Mr Haqqani could not have helped in planting CIA assets in Pakistan without ISI’s knowledge. Did ISI give security clearance to the visas that were issued to U.S. intel agents by Mr Haqqani? If not, then how were they given visas and what was ISI doing? Gen. Shuja Pasha was the ISI chief at that time. Where is his explanation?
  8. Will other people who were in cahoots with Mr Haqqani or at least knew about what was going on but didn’t speak up be punished? Will they be put on trial and given sentences they deserve?

Mr Haqqani’s confession raises some very serious questions about Pakistan’s civilian, military and spy leadership of that time and it is crucial that there is an official, open, unbiased inquiry into this matter. Mr Haqqani was a pawn in a big game where huge interests are involved. He did his job well for which, like it or not, he has been and will continue to be compensated by U.S. Mr Haqqani’s role as a CIA front man is to be thanked for all those book deals and jobs with think tanks in U.S. he is enjoying. Pakistan can try but probably won’t succeed in extraditing Hussain Haqqani since he will be likely protected by the U.S. deep state. But there are much bigger fish in the pond and they’re still swimming. Pakistan needs to catch and fry these other fish.


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